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My name is Marina; I am the founder of GoodreadsMadreads.com. I live in Washington with my boyfriend of four years and our spoiled puppy child, Odin. I obviously love reading; my taste spans through the genres but my all-time favorite is thriller-mystery-horror with a touch of darkness. I’ve always loved books in a unique way; paying close attention to not only the story itself but the way its presented when were looking at the book as well . This is important to me and you can see that in my reviews; they are details I never saw In other reviews and is part of why Goodreadsmadreads even exists. My reviews are personal to me and reflect my personality. Each book I’ve read reminds me of a certain part of my life that you can read like Diary Entry’s if you put them all in order. The book world is my passion something I want to share through my No B.S book reviews written in a fun storytelling way on goodreadsmadreads.com , and through in-depth author interviews on our podcast Good Reads Mad Reads Radio on ITunes and Stitcher Radio. Good Reads Mad Reads came about one evening when I was searching for a review. There were too many written like literary essays. I wanted someone to talk to me like we were friends; give me the skinny on the book in a no B.S. manner. So my boyfriend said, “Why don’t you just make one yourself?” And so I did: and I called it Good Reads Mad Reads. I don’t write reviews with the intent to please authors or publishers. I write for me and my readers. I prize honesty and the truth over everything. I write reviews exactly how I would tell anyone in a real conversation. Every once in a while, there will be some content that may be offensive to some, language etc; so if you are easily offended, this probably isn’t the place for you. For everyone else, this will be an AWESOME community where we can read books together and discuss what happens; chapter by chapter.